The musical comedian Andreas Renee Swoboda has a genuinely astonishing voice, seamlessly blending his pop-tenor voice with a high falsetto in soprano register. He purposefully chose RENEE as his stage name in 2002, to signify his ability to perform with a masculine or feminine voice and persona.


Renee LIVE on German TV
(during he played 'Yma' in Berlin)


The COMPLETE TV-performance featuring three interview parts and a song performance  

  Renee as Yma in September 2010. Photo by Stephan Gustavus

Andreas Renee Swoboda played the female title role in the show sensation Yma – too beautiful to be true at the Berlin Friedrichstadt-Palast, Europe's biggest show palace featuring the world's largest theatrical stage, from its world premiere in September 2010 until February 2012.  

Yma (pronounced "Ee-ma") was the hostess, moderator and star of the show. With elegance and humor she presents the audience her world of tempting bodies, artistic tantalization and cultivated craziness. Being a top show of superlative quality, surpassing no less than Las Vegas with over 100 artists performing on stage, Yma turned out to be the most successful production ever up to now at the Friedrichstadt-Palast.  

Experience Renee live – your ears won't believe your eyes!

Renee can be booked in individually adapted versions of the following performances: 



Soiree mit Renee ("An evening with Renee")


In this thrilling show, featuring the model "Renee Fein" singing musical, show and pop tunes, she chats about her job, love, tough and soft guys – and about her deepest desire to become a pop singer! 


Renee - vom Feinsten ("Renee – most sophisticated")

 Foto: screenshot

Renee, in elegantly evening attire, hosts a gala presentation of his very best stage characters – a repertoire of feminine and masculine personas from his last years on the stage. You will find yourself absolutely absorbed by his electrifying musical numbers. 


Renee‘s Coming In - Ich bin auch ohne Lady gaga!
("I'm gaga even without the lady!")


- MusicalComedyShow -  

Renee is a high-class entertainer in this flamboyantly unique personality show – with a repertoire of songs coupled with satire, laughter, self-irony and reflection!  


RENEE auf Erden
("RENEE on earth")


- The lyrical new show -  

In this brand new stage performance Renee presents poems and lyrics by the famous German poet Friedhelm Kaendler!